They are wonderfull,

and you also have rich subject matter. Well done!

Ιωάννα Παυλίδου

Amazing talent… Great capture of light

Amazing talent… Excellent capture of light and shadow. You have a varied repertoire of subject matter. Well done!!

Περη Χιόνη Βλαχου


Helen, you are a pleasant surprise, “unfolding” your feelings, your “world” on the canvas! I “traveled” with your paintings to the “land” of colors…I wish you the best!

Ιωαννάτος Σπύρος

Dear Hellen

Your systematic engagement with painting has yielded beautiful fruits!! Hearty congratulations on the variety of thematics and the color scheme of your compositions! Good luck and success !!

Κώστας Ευαγγελάτος

Dear Eleni

Your works full of light and color reflect the greatness of your soul. I’m glad for you!

Νικόλαος Βουτσινάς


For so many years I see you painting and filling the house with so much beauty doing something you really like. Finally the rest of the world can admire your paintings and the stories you have to tell. I’m so proud of you mom!

Ναυσικά Κουτσούμπα

Very beautiful paintings

Very beautiful paintings, I really admire your work!!!Continue to fill us with optimism with your amazing art!

Σοφία Λιάρου

Que peut on dire devant une telle beauté!!!!

My dear friend from the old days, some decades back!!!! Thank you very much for making this site and I can now admire as much as I want for as long as I want the wonderful world you have created and which I hope you will continue to create and complete. Many many congratulations


Congratulations !

Helen, you are a surprise! Hopeful surprise! The Good always gives us strength! Especially in difficult times it shows us that we must see things from the angle with the best view.Always be well, smile and paint!

Αλίκη Γαλιατσάτου

Well done !

Art is a reflection of life and your works are proof that life is much more beautiful than we all experience lately. Congratulations and good luck!

Γιάννης Δρακάτος

Impressive collection

Impressive collection, your works are excellent, congratulations, keep up the good work.

Ελένη Ανδρεόλα

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